5 Best Tips Dad Can Do to Help Newborn Mum with Their Infant Baby

As a dad, you want the best for your newborn baby and the mother. However, when searching for the best tips on how to help the baby’s mum, it may be a challenge to find the best information. For example, the Internet has much information on how moms can raise a healthy baby, but little about how dads can help.

Remember that mothers are the primary caregivers to newborn infants since they are the ones that spend more time with the child. On the other hand, dads in most cases feel left out.

It’s important to know that newborns, just as all children, require the support, attention, and guidance from BOTH parents to ensure that they enjoy the best baby care routine. Fortunately, as a dad, this informative article will give you 5 tips to make sure that you help in taking care of the baby, family, and marriage. They are:

1. Instincts

When learning about infant care, one important tip is to trust your instincts, whether you’re the dad or the mom. That’s because you need to trust yourself to ensure that the baby gets the best care in these early months. Remember that by spending time with your child, you will come to understand his/her cues.

If you’re unsure of what to do, make sure that you consult the mom, relatives or friends who had experience with newborn care. In the case that you think the baby requires expert attention; contact your doctor. You don’t want to take chances with your beloved infant child.

2. As A Dad, Get Involved with the Baby from the Start

You may feel nervous about holding or handling a newborn baby. Most dads feel that they may harm the baby by holding him or her in some way. The best way to deal with these worries is to get involved with the baby from day one. For example, you should help mom change a diaper, feed the baby, (that’s if the newborn mom isn’t breastfeeding) and bathe the baby.

Another thing that you can help is to watch the baby as the mom takes a shower. These simple gestures enable you to feel confident as the father and assist you in bonding with your child at an early stage. It will help you raise a healthy baby while enabling both of you as parents to create a stronger relationship.

3. Help the Newborn Mum around the House

There is nothing more appealing to the mom than the dad opting to help in doing chores around the house. Newborn moms are in most cases tired as result of being up all night feeding, ensuring that the infant care routine is observed or just exhausted from giving birth. The best ways to help around the house include picking up dinner before you get home from your daily routine, doing the dishes, and laundry.

Helping makes you and your partner work as a team. Teamwork makes the mom less stressed about taking care of the healthy baby and the dealing with the housework. Keep in mind that this is part of the “tag teaming,” which will be a major parental survival tip when your kids get older.

4. Play with the Newborn Baby

Studies have shown that fathers tend to engage in continuous and noisier activities when playing with babies as compared to mothers. This style is important when it comes to childcare since Dads possess a different skill-set than women.

For instance, dads can make close contact with their kids, let the baby lay on their chest, which provides the child with tummy-time exercises. It also provides the infant with an excellent sensory experience.

When babies are young, read books or newspapers to them since they will love hearing your voice!

Infants tend to prefer continuous movements. If you can’t seem able to console the baby, take her/him into your arms are rock the baby back and forth. You’ll be surprised at how fast the baby will calm down.

5. Swaddle the Baby

As a dad, it’s where you’re going to shine. Experts say that tight swaddling is the most important cornerstone of calming. It helps to keep the baby warm and secure, and makes him/her feel as s/he has been “returned to the womb.”

Dads are the best swaddlers compare to moms since men swaddle a little tighter. However, one important tip that you should learn before you leave the hospital as a newborn dad is to ensure that you ask the nurse for the best swaddle techniques before you take your newborn home. 


Infant care should be effective as you implement those 5 informative tips above. To keep your baby healthy and newborn mom less stressful, you need to help more around the house, which will allow mom to rest and take care of your infant as best as she could. You should know that you may no longer do things the way pregnant mum prefer you to do around the house, but following those tips above will make yourself helpful to your newborn mother in many ways.

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