Tips For Baby Photography

Parents always complain that their children grow up way too fast. It’s true-babies mark a number of milestones in their first couple years of life. They go from helpless creatures to toddling, talking beings. At the rate that babies grow, you may want to take a large amount of picture to document your baby’s first few months of life to remember the tiny newborn that you once held and fed to later compare with your grown-up teenager. Here are some tips to take the perfect baby picture.

Fast Shutter Speed. For amateurs and even professional photographers, taking pictures of babies can be difficult. They are wiggly and unpredictable. Therefore, to snap a pic at the perfect moment, you should use a camera with a fast shutter speed so that your squirming child does not end up a blur across your screen.

Natural Light. Flashes can damage a newborn’s sensitive eyesight. Thus, you may want to consider taking pictures in a naturally bright room or outside, although directly in the sun is probably not a good idea. In this way, you avoid big red spots smearing in the baby’s big, innocent eyes. If you cannot avoid the glowing red-eye look, try using a computerized picture editing program to wipe away the redness.

Simplify the Background. You don’t want a bright, flashy background to detract from your baby, unless you are purposely trying to hide the child. Patterned clothing and cluttered scenery can draw a viewer’s attention away from your precious subject. You may want to blur the background while keeping the baby in focus to further emphasize the target.

Look for Details. A photographer can get some really cool shots if he or she is not afraid to take some chances. If you are okay with not showing the whole body of the baby, you can zoom in or use a macro lens on the tiny parts of babies that most people love, such as small hands and feet. A popular example is taking a picture of a baby using its whole hand to grip only the finger of its parent.

Utilize Humor. Many people’s interests are drawn to conflicting elements in a photo. For instance, it can be funny to take a picture of a baby wearing a giant adult hat, or making an adult expression that is not expected from a newborn. Also, if you are vigilant, you may be able to capture a picture while a baby is making a funny face or dressed up in a silly Halloween costume.

Once you take a picture of your baby looking amazing, not just cute, you probably want to display the shot that you worked so hard to get. A great way to show off your photography skills is by turning your photo into a canvas work of art.

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