Learning to Organize for New Parents

Bringing home a new baby is exciting and stressful at the same time.  New parents worry about whether or not they will have everything that they need on hand, just in case something happens.  New parents often accumulate a lot more stuff than they end up using, but the security of having everything that you could possibly need close by is also a smart move.

There are so many things that a baby can need in the first year.  There are a multitude of items used to feed the baby, like bottles, breast pump supplies, dishes, spoons, and bottle warmers.  There are many items used to clean the baby.  There are a lot of items used to diaper the baby.  You will need an arsenal of medication and first aid supplies in case the baby gets sick or hurt.  But one of the hardest things to get under control in the baby’s first year, is clothing.

Staying organized can be difficult for new parents.  Luckily, it is fairly easy to categorize baby items.  Shoes, toys, medicines, diapering, and feeding supplies are all pretty easy to keep straight.  This is partly because a lot of these things are kept in different rooms.  However, clothing can be a real challenge.  Babies use rompers, pajamas, casual clothes, coats, dressy clothes, shoes, hats, socks, blankets, sheets, burp cloths, and bibs so quickly.  Your baby may go through several outfits and changes of bedding per day.

Adding to the chaos is the fact that babies outgrow everything so quickly.  Not only are they outgrowing everything, but you will also find yourself struggling to find space for clothes that they haven’t grown into yet and storage for their out of season clothes.  Getting the baby’s clothing organized in a way that will work with you long-term is important for many reasons.

Getting organized will help you to avoid many of the stresses of parenthood.  Having what you need when you need it helps you to feel more in control.  Many of your baby’s outfits may become keepsakes and others may become hand-me-downs.  Using special infant hangers, baby hangers, and children’s hangers to keep these clothes from being damaged will save you money and help you to preserve the clothing that you want to keep nice.

Having an easy place to toss things that no longer fit your baby and need to be given away is a great way to keep the closet organized long-term.  Use a bin for out of season clothing or clothing that does not fit yet.  You can easily get into it when the baby starts to outgrow clothes.  Also make sure that you have a place for special clothing that you want to keep.  Use an air-tight bin or vacuum storage bag to protect garments while they’re in storage.  Having a system for keeping the baby’s closet orderly will save you from having to organize and reorganize multiple times in the baby’s first year.

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